Contract: Creekside, Greenwich

Contractor: InnkUK Ltd

Client: Essential Living Ltd

Union Wharf will comprise of two residential towers totalling 249 apartments. The first will be a 23-storey tower designed for a variety of community of renters. The second will be a smaller 12-storey tower that’s designed specifically for families.

The tower blocks consist of concrete cores with pre-fabricated modules built off site then delivered and bolted to the concrete structure, these in turn are then clad to the perimeter from the full height access scaffolds.

The scaffolding provided is a tube and readylock system with progressive floor level lifts to give access for the modular construction, then subsequently adapted for the insulation and cladding to the façade. We will also be providing pavement gantry, additional cantilever platforms are to be installed at balcony positions, loading bays, Haki staircases and Hoists complete with floor level run offs are also installed progressively. The hoists along with two tower cranes will be shared with the trades to allow for scaffolding distribution during erecting and dismantling.

The biggest challenge for Anglewest Scaffolding will be to keep pace with the modular installation, it is estimated that one floor will be completed in just over a week per block. Anglewest Scaffolding Ltd will be erecting 50% of the perimeter scaffold ahead of the modular buildings, these pods will be installed while we complete the remaining independent to the same floor, this repeats up the structure until completion.