Contract: ME Hotel, The Strand London

Contractor: Gleeds Construction Management/ Sol Meilia

Client: Sol Meilia Group

The triangular site of the ME London Hotel located on the corner of Aldwych and the Strand was once the home of the popular Gaiety Theatre, the newly built hotel is also adjacent to the recently restored Marconi House that was the former home of the BBC.

Anglewest Ltd commenced work in January 2011 and was engaged to construct the main scaffolds to give access to install the new mansard roof to the existing structure of Marconi House. The restrictions imposed on design and programme (13 weeks & no crane use) made work extremely challenging. Our design team came up with a solution of truss out and hanging scaffolds which consisted of stepped access platforms up the roof. The lack of a crane was overcome with good old fashioned hard work by the team of thirty plus scaffolders employed on this project. Anglewest Ltd also provided numerous truss out access and lifting structures for stone installation to the chimneys and party walls. In addition to the external works we were contracted to carry out a myriad of internal access for M&E, blockwork to name but a few.

Prior to the initial completion the contract suffered a catastrophic event with the building catching fire behind the mansard roof, this delayed the project and meant that a large amount of the completed work had to be replaced. The project was completed in December 2012.