Contract: Swiss Re Boiling (The Gherkin)

Contractor: Kontor GTCM & SMF Services

Client: Swiss Re

Anglewest Ltd were contracted to carry out the scaffolding for the Fit Out on this landmark construction. This predominantly consisted of birdcages erected in the spiralling atria rising up the building and in itself was not too complicated as it repeated floor-by-floor. However, the potential problems with the logistics in delivering the components to each floor for erection and finally clearing once the hoists, cranes etc had been totally removed. With careful planning, early morning and late evening deliveries, plus multiple handling of materials and a great deal of co-operation from both parties, a successful conclusion was achieved.

Since the completion of the project, Anglewest Ltd has been involved with the maintenance company, SMF Services, providing cradle rail scaffolds. These were suspended from the cleaning cradles, which was quite a feat of engineering. The scaffold was designed by our in-house design team and constructed in our yard against a mock up of the building façade. Once this had been completed in the yard and the problems eliminated it was then up to the operations team to complete the scaffold on site. All scaffolding materials and pre-fabricated frames were taken up in the goods lift to the cradle garage area, the base assembled in the cradle at the entrance, once completed the cradle was moved out onto the track. Materials were then passed from the garage out to the operatives in the cradle and painstakingly assembled.

The final operation before use was for the scaffolders to complete a slow traverse around the perimeter to ensure that no tube encroached with the glazing, once checked the structure could be handed over for use.